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A labor union representing detectives in the New York City Police Department (NYPD) sued the city to prevent the termination of detectives who refused to get the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccine.

On May 31, the Detectives’ Endowment Association (DEA) filed a lawsuit against New York City (NYC) seeking to prevent about 30 unvaccinated NYPD detectives from being fired on June 3. The lawsuit mentioned that 38 unvaccinated detectives were given termination letters the week prior.

According to the DEA lawsuit, terminating the 30 unvaccinated NYPD personnel alongside 600 others who still have pending religious and medical exemption requests “will eliminate approximately 10 percent of the rank dedicated and trained to combat and investigate the crimes that befall the citizenry of the city on almost a daily basis.”

“When the city needs detectives the most, in order to deal with and investigate the significant rise in crime, respondents – through the misguided justification of the [vaccine] mandate – seek to eliminate the best crime-fighting force in the city. The need for a well-staffed, properly-trained and seasoned police force is imperative during these troubling times.”

The May 31 lawsuit further argued that the NYPD cannot afford to lose experienced detectives, as they are needed to train incoming detectives. It also noted that the force is already under pressure amid a wave of retirements anticipated in the summer.

“This ‘brain drain’ … will exacerbate the existing rise in crime, because the department cannot simply plug in a new ‘number’ to fill this void,” stated the complaint.

Former NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio originally imposed an Oct. 29, 2021 deadline for city employees to get the COVID-19 shot. City employees were required to show proof that they received at least one vaccine dose, lest they be placed on unpaid leave. The city said on Oct. 30 that one in six NYC workers turned down COVID-19 vaccination. (Related: 65% of San Diego’s police force might quit due to covid vaccine mandate.)

Terminations of unvaxxed NYC workers continue

“Numerous courts have already held that the city’s vaccine mandate for public employees is lawful and enforceable,” said Jonah Allon, spokesman for incumbent NYC Mayor Eric Adams. “All city workers – unless they have been granted a reasonable accommodation – have had to comply with this mandate as a condition of their employment. We will defend this in court.”

According to an NYPD spokesperson, 91 percent of the department had been injected with the COVID-19 vaccine. The same spokesperson declined to answer specific questions, such as the number of detectives that have yet to be injected and the total number of detectives fired for turning down the shot.

In February, Adams terminated more than 1,400 city workers who refused to get injected with the COVID-19 vaccine. Of the 1,430 city employees axed for noncompliance, 36 were from the NYPD, 25 were from the NYC Fire Department and 914 were from the NYC Department of Education.

“City workers served on the frontlines during the pandemic. [By] getting vaccinated, they are once again showing how they are willing to do the right thing to protect themselves and all New Yorkers,” said Adams. “I’m grateful to all the city workers who continue to serve New Yorkers and ‘Get Stuff Done’ for the greatest city in the world.”

The mayor added: “Our goal was always to vaccinate, not terminate, and city workers stepped up and met the goal placed before them.” Adams mentioned that of the 1,000 new employees hired in August 2021 who were admonished for being unvaccinated, “only two … are no longer employed by the city.”

However, NYC’s vaccine mandate did not sit too well with labor leaders.

“Workers should not get fired. There are a lot of people who don’t believe in putting this stuff in their bodies,” said Harry Nespoli, president of Uniformed Sanitationmen’s Association – the union that represents sanitation workers in the entire city.

Watch the footage of NYC firefighters and law enforcement officers protesting against the city’s COVID-19 vaccine mandate.

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