Greetings to you in the sweet and precious name of our Lord & Savior Jesus Christ!

We thank and praise God that in 2022 God was faithful the entire year. Even though there were many challenges and difficulties, God provided for all our needs like the Bible School, Pastoral support, Grocery distribution to the poor, the widows, and the elderly.  New Sewing Centers for the widows. Shoes and warm clothes for the children, plus blankets and Bibles to the poor. Bicycles, drums, carpets, and warm jackets to our Pastors. Additional Fresh Water Bore Wells in the most needed villages and a Special Christmas celebration with Pastors and Children. All were accomplished through the Prayers and Support of Pastor Greg Young and Chosen Generation Radio Ministry. God bless all the Ministry Partners who have been sacrificially and generously supporting us. Without a vision the people perish Proverbs 29:18

Here is the Action plan for 2023


To the Glory of God, within these months from Jan. to Dec 2023 we pray and plan to share the Gospel to at least 200,000 people through the Meetings, Charity, and Outreach.


We want to put 35 Fresh Water Bore Well pumps in the most needed villages in 2023.








We want to start 3 more new sewing Centers for widows and poor women. We currently have three and this would bring the total to 6. Each school serves 10 to 12 women.



















We want to provide groceries to the starving, poor and widows. This is a monthly project to adopt 20 people each month to provide this assistance.




We want to conduct 3 free medical camps for the villages where people don’t have access to Doctors, Hospitals and Medicine.


We want to start financial support for 25 New Church planters who are in need and each Church planter needs at least Rs.2000.







We want to have at least two outreaches in the unreached villages every month this year. In each outreach meeting it will cost 250 dollars. This would provide 300 Rupees to each attendee in support. This allows us to assist as many as 60 people per meeting.




We want to have 4 mega crusades in 2023. 1st crusade in March 2023, 2nd in June 2023, 3rd in September 2023, 4th in first week of December 2023.




We want to have one pastor’s conference with all the pastors that have been working with us from all over Punjab and Jammu and Kashmir. We currently have OVER 600 Pastors that are a part of our network.





One woman’s conference, especially for pastors’ wives and active women in ministry from all the churches.



One Teaching seminar for young people 15 to 21 One Teaching Seminar for Young People ages 21 to 35 and Single. One teaching Seminar for Married Couples.



10 literacy centers in the villages where we will give free education so that people would be able to read the Bible and come to Christ. There is a one-time investment in a table, chair, carpets for sitting and notebooks. We also need to provide monthly support of $20 a month for each teacher we hire.


15 children’s bible clubs in the Churches where children will be taught from the Bible after school. This will require a $15 Monthly commitment to support each teacher as they will be holding a daily Bible class. We will also need to provide bibles and a backpack for each student.



We want to provide summer and winter clothes and sleepers and shoes annually to 100 children.


We want to establish 100 new house churches in unreached villages and areas.


We want to distribute Gospel Tracts in marketplaces and villages and 500 Punjabi Bibles to the poor and needy believers.


We are so thankful to Pastor Greg Young, Chosen Generation Ministry and all that have been praying and supporting the India ministry sacrificially. We are blessed to have Pastor Greg as our Spiritual leader and overseer in our India Ministry. We thank you for reading through the Action Plan of 2023. We would ask you to let the Spirit of God lead you to get involved in our India ministry. We need your prayers and financial support to achieve this goal. We will pray for you! May the Lord God Almighty Bless you all!