Dr Sherry Tenpenny joined me at Trinity Freedom Expo 2021 to discuss the impact of the MRna injections. Little did I know that she was suffering the effects of something that had been released at a Clay Clark Reawaken America event as a type of biological attack on the presenters. When she sat down with me she had been suffering flu like symptoms since her appearance at the event. In fact it was inhibiting her appearances and her business.  As we were discussing the mRna injection and Vax injuries and the Plandemic and release of the bio weapon by the CCP the Holy Spirit spoke to me about the prayer that my deliverance ministry friends Ken and Sylvia Thornberg had been given by the Lord and was developed with the assistance of teammates well versed in the intricacies of the process. I located the prayer and I prayed it with Dr Sherry on the show and immediately she was healed. I pray that as you watch this you too will experience healing. This prayer is for healing from ALL vaccines you have ever had put in your body. Please share this video and watch it with friends and family. It will change their lives!