With every challenge there is an opportunity. History is replete with those who looked challenges in the face and said I will conquer and overcome. David overcame Goliath and Saul the King. Lee Iacocca created revolutionary cars at Ford when faced with surviving or thriving. He went on to resurrect Chrysler in the 1980’s.

A person with vision sees a problem, finds a solution and then finds people that have the courage and the vision to join him.

I believe that an opportunity exists to be a good friend and neighbor by introducing relief to the outrageous gas prices. Also to create some residual income for the ministry that will feed the poor in India and pay for the air time to share about what will save America. You can help by looking at the special presentation below. There is an opportunity to help you save and by sharing with just five friends to build some residual income for you too! Surely you have a few minutes to find out?

This is the secret to save America!

Listen to “Pastor Greg Wrestling Against Secular Humanism Islam LGBTQ Born Again To Win” on Spreaker.