Dear Friends


Meet Grace was drugged and murdered by the healthcare establishment and her father Scott is fighting back, because you or your loved one might be next. I can attest to the validity of these statements and claims as my precious Father in Law was murdered in a hospital in Texas in 2013 after a death panel told us how he would die because they refused to provide service. That was the law then and it is the law now. I am only here today by the grace of God and His miraculous intervention. He used my Congressman who happened to write the checks that funded the hospital I was treated at as a concerned and involved person to be sure I got proper care. That and my family never left my side and were able to fight for me. Many families including the Schara’s were not so fortunate. Please get educated and make some noise! You or a friend or loved one will one day be at the mercy of this system. Do not wait till it is too late.