Nigeria’s Buhari Steps Down as President Amid Religious Massacres and War Crimes Allegations

by Masara Kim

Masara Kim

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Global rights activists have called for the prosecution of Nigeria’s former President Muhammadu Buhari for his alleged role in allowing religious massacres to occur throughout his eight-year leadership of Africa’s most populous nation.

Buhari stepped down as president on May 29, after being in office since 2015.

Activists speaking to The Epoch Times say his alleged complicity in the face of widespread religious massacres amounts to war crimes for which he should be prosecuted.

“In spite of Buhari’s promises not to govern in favor of Islamic supremacy and to defend Christians from persecution at the onset of his term, increases in violence and a lack of Government intervention followed,” said Greg Young, an American pastor who has visited Nigeria and maintained close relations there for more than two decades.

“The [recent] massacre at the Christian college [in Kaduna], the kidnapping of the 144 [Yobe school] girls—and of Leah Sharibu and her continued captivity—the murder of [Sokoto Christian student] Deborah Emmanuel, the relocation of ISIS to Nigeria … these are all attributable to Buhari and his support of Islamic supremacy,” said Young in text messages to The Epoch Times.

Young who is overseer of 800 Churches around the world and host of Chosen Generation Radio also accused U.S. President Joe Biden of turning a blind eye to thousands of genocidal massacres under Buhari, who is a Muslim.

“As to [President Joe] Biden and this administration, one needs look no further than their response in India where 269 Christian churches are burned and their response is to call for protection of Muslims.

“This translates to their absolute silence to this Nigerian government’s genocidal behavior and enslaving of Christians and their support of an election that reeks of corruption.

“Since 2015, Nigeria has become a bastion for terrorists and Islamic jihadists. And the leader has been Buhari from the presidential palace,” wrote Young.