Dear Friends


Greetings in the Mighty Name of Jesus Christ our Lord. I pray this email finds you well.

I am writing you because the week before Thanksgiving we were given devastating financial news regarding support for the ministry. Our largest donor had a change within their Board of Directors and informed us that effective immediately their support for the ministry would be ending. Obviously this came without warning as we lost $3500 a month in support. Usually in December we try to send our Pastors some extra help as the drop in temperatures means that there is little to no work available in the agricultural world. It also means they have no access to food and heat. Our plan had been to support the 200 to 250 most desperate among them as we had been doing the last few years. Losing this support means that we are unable to do this and my deep concern is whether they will all survive the winter. Yes, you read that correctly. The possibility that some of them could freeze and starve to death is very real.

So, how can you help? If you could make a year end donation to help us overcome this shortfall it would be HUGE! A donation of just $20 will provide vital support for a Pastor and his family.

I know that there are lots of people asking for your support. Here is my friend and the President of Americans for Limited Government Rick Manning


We are doing the work. In our last four meetings we have seen ONE THOUSAND SIX HUNDRED AND FORTY-SEVEN SOULS WON TO JESUS! We have had 0ver 1,100 testify of healings. In addition we just graduated 24 Widows from our four month sewing school where they were taught how to provide seamstress services and we gave them each a brand new sewing machine so they can earn money to feed themselves and their children and avoid the constant sexual assault threats and encounters they face as widowed Christian Lower Caste. You can sew into the ministry with your donation.

Here was the report from our largest Outreach of the year:

Dear Pastor Greg Young thank and Praise God that yesterday it was so powerful, anointed and blessed outreach meeting, Where more than 900 people gave their lives to Jesus Christ after hearing your powerful testimony and 800 people were healed and delivered while you were praying, many were healed from eyes problems like blur and dim eye sight was restored instantly and water flowing was stopped, cataracts was also gone of a sister, many were healed from heart sickness and blockage was cleared, many were healed from legs pains and lower backs, many were healed from headaches, back pains. Nine people were healed from Join pains, one sister who have been difficulty in walking God touched her healed. Many were healed cervical pain and I got today three testimonies that two sisters and one brother got healed from constipation. Some of the people were delivered from evil spirits attack. All glory to God.
Thank you Pastor Greg for doing the outreach ministry in Punjab India. We so blessed to do the ministry under your spiritual leadership.
We all have been praying for you, family, Radio Ministry and all our brothers and sisters who have been praying and giving sacrificially for the India Ministry.
God bless you all

We now have 1200 churches, an increase of 600 since February 2023, 43 Fresh Water Wells installed, we will start up new classes in our Widows Sewing Schools in January. We also provide 10 orphans with food, clothing, housing, education and a live in caretaker. We have 20 to 25 Full Time Bible Students who are Pastors in Training that we provide food, clothing, housing and biblical studies and then send out to ministry annually. Due to this explosive growth we also brought on four Pastors to work under Pastor Samuel in full time ministry to support the other churches and Pastors in our network.

I hope you have read through this email and will take sometime to be blessed by our services. I also hope you can se the large need and how the loss of $3500 a month will have a significant impact. However, I believe the Lord is going to touch the hearts of those receiving this email and reading this post and through you He will meet our needs. Let me close by sharing this Prophetic Word that I received just days before the news about the Sponsor pulling out. In reality it speaks to what I just shared with you.

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Thank you and God bless you!


Pastor Greg