Calvary Greetings!


Praise the Lord!


Here is an update from India


I pray all is well. Thank you for your donations they will help us to cover the Bible school graduation on April 4th as we send out new pastors. We are graduating 20 who will take on the responsibility of overseeing our new churches. We give them bibles and tracts and pay for cap and gown and tent and chairs and food. It costs about $540 so your contribution is really huge.


We also will be launching this year’s new bible school class on April 15.


We also will be having a Pastor’s meeting and next week another outreach.


Here is the widow service we did yesterday where we gave out enough groceries for a month.



Dear Pastor Greg Young G

Thank and Praise God that yesterday we had a very blessed meeting with widows, where all were blessed with your testimony and sharing of the God’s Word. 19 sisters were healed instantly 2 sisters are healed from sever pain pain, two sisters were healed from eyes problems, water was flowing from their eyes. One sister having problem of white fluids, it was stopped as soon as she was prayed. Three sisters were having heaviness of their bodies, heaviness was gone away instantly, some were healed from headaches, stomach pains and neck pains etc. all glory to God. 8 sisters gave their lives to Jesus Christ.

After meeting 38 sisters got groceries bags with thanks. We are so grateful to Pastor Greg Young, Chosen Generation Radio Ministries and all who have been praying for and supporting the Ministries that we are doing here in India, under the spiritual leadership of Pastor Greg Young. We all have been praying for you all

God bless you




Thank you!


Pastor Greg

Immediate needs for India ministry March 14th 2024

Two Bore Wells $800☐ ($400 x 2)

Pastor Support $1300☐ (100 x $13)

Widows Support $700 ☒ (35 widows $20 of groceries) We have received donations to cover this at this time.

Bible School Graduation $ 540 x ($205 for  Bible, Tracts  $60 Stage, Tent, Chairs $225 Food $50 for the graduation uniforms, caps and gowns)

Start Sewing Schools for widows $285 ($60 for stage, tent and chairs $225 for food $1.50x 150)


Total $2385.00 Donate Here