President Donald J Trump has been indicted in Georgia and will trun himself in today Thursday August 24, 2023. 161 charges are levied in all and four of those are against a Pastor from Illinois, Reverend Steve Lee, who is represented by a regular guest and friend of Pastor Greg on ChosenGenerationRadio 

David and Rev Steve appeared on the show Wednesday 082323 to discuss the case and expose the dangers of this case to every American. As an example. DO you have a situation where you want to seek the advise of an attorney? If authorities do not agree with what you are going to ask then you may be guilty of a RICO offense for seeking counsel. Don’t agree with how the local government has addressed a land matter that effects you? Both your inquiry of an attorney and your right to a lawsuit place you at risk of being charged with a RICO offense if this Georgia case succeeds.

Please watch this interview