Scott Adam, Chairman of the Maui County Republican Party and Founder of Liberty Arise joins Pastor Greg to discuss what really happened on Maui at Lahaina when fires broke out and thousands were killed. While the “official” number remains around 110, eye witness accounts have seen at least three refrigerated mortuary units filled with bodies and estimates are anywhere from 600 to 3000. Multiple arson events and demands that businesses and home owners sell there homes since December 2020 lead to many questions. Even stranger those requests ceased in April of this year, 2023, and then resumed immediately after the fires with statements like, “Well.. are you ready to sell now?”. In addition Lahaina was the spiritual center of the Hawaiian islands and home to most of the ancient religious relics and documents. The resting place for the great Hawaiian Kingdom has now become the graveyard for the Island as it was and for the next generations of Hawaiians whose young lives were cut short either by a series of incredible coincidences or by a truly nefarious effort by an evil that has only just begun by using Hawaii to send a message to the rest of the United States. If you thought mass termination of life was not possible or a part of the agenda it is time to rethink that position. The warning has been sent.