My goal or thought in fighting this is that we are continually by force or resign giving or having ground taken from us in the fight for our liberties.

I am glad there are alternative sites, but what conservatives fail to grasp is that the under girting principles of these alternative sites has to be God.

Our founders gave up everything because they saw a greater reward and because life, liberty and Abundant life are not just gifts but who we are as God’s children created in His image.

To live is Christ and to die is gain.

That also holds a person to a true moral code. Knowing there will be a judgement day and consequences for evil acts left unrepented for.

Jesus once shared a parable, Two sons.

One who said no and later was obedient and the other who said yes, but then did not do what he agreed to do.

While the listeners to Jesus, gave the right answer, it seems many get confused by the message.

Jesus says to them,” the tax collectors and prostitutes will enter ahead of them” not because they answered wrong, in saying that the son who acted righteously was better than the disobedient one, which he was, but that though they could answer the truth and see the truth, they themselves did not follow their own advice when it related to John the Baptist or to Jesus himself.

For they rejected John and Jesus even seeing the change in the lives of the followers.

At a later time, He would say to them you speak the right words (Honor me with your lips) but your hearts are far from me.

Capitalism is based on biblical principles. To do everything as unto the Lord giving your best., Who is he that runs a race if not to win. Who begins to build a building not counting the cost, but intends to finish it. The principles of Christianity were what set the Christian community apart. Less disease, more production, happier people and greater wealth accumulation. The Jews practice this and Christians did too.

Constantine was motivated to embrace Christianity because of the sheer volume of evidence that Christians did everything better than the Roman heathens.

Thus, to my point. If the alternative platforms do not have a moral God founded base and if they have not a plan for succession to maintain that then we will lose those platforms as well. Vimeo was great until IAC bought it and then it was not.

Our fight is not just for the words that I will, but for the actions that support those intentions, and keep them just, righteous and worth dying for. Only God is worth all that. Only liberty given by God is worth dying for because liberty authored by men can be taken by those same men and now we are back to square one. Thus our fight is not for the liberty we see, but to set free the soul only God can see and only He can give us that kind of freedom. A freedom that is worth dying for.

God bless you!