Naomi Wolf shares a portion of the research done as her team of experts from the War room have been combing through the documents that the courts ordered released by Pfizer and the FDA. These are documents that Pfizer and the FDA wanted to wait 75 years to release. In the initial months of experimental release, 1200 deaths including 4 on the day of their inoculation. 42,000 adverse reactions including 1000’s of cardiac episodes, strokes, hemorrhaging and neurological events. The chemicals lodge in the liver and other organs on men and specifically in ovaries in women.

Matt Long and Pastor Greg discuss the forced vaccinations in the military. Thomas Renz testified to Senator Ron Johnson regarding the number of Vax injuries, USAF Academy in Colorado Springs discharged 13 cadets, 3 were seniors who now are going to be forced to repay $165,000 in tuition and be discharged for filing for religious exemptions. 32 Top Gun fliers were relieved of duty for filing Religious exemptions along with 4000 other service members. Also discussed was the forced LGBTQ agenda by this White House who are threatening to cut free lunch funding for the poor if the schools do not force the Transgender and gender dysphoria and the sexual orientation confusion curriculum.

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