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People are now witnessing a global economic collapse, according to World Alternative Media (WAM) CEO Josh Sigurdson.

“We are witnessing the controlled collapse of the global economy. As we have been for quite some time, we are seeing more and more developments come out that show us that we are on the brink of something historic,” Sigurdson said during a recent WAM podcast.

Sigurdson mentioned an article from The Gateway Pundit with the headline “Biden economy 41 percent of small businesses can’t pay rent this month.” The WAM CEO and podcast host said there are a lot of reasons for this, including everything from inflation to gas prices and weakening dollar. (Related: THANKS, BIDEN: Small businesses struggle as highest inflation in decades wrecks US economy.)

The Americans are also seeing prices skyrocket due to supply chain issues and countries around the world moving away from the U.S. dollar as their reserve currency. Many countries are now looking at the new BRICS (Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa) system.

According to Sigurdson, Saudi Arabia joining BRICS could be the final nail in the coffin for the U.S. dollar. He added that once the pound and the euro go down, “the U.S. dollar is absolutely doomed.”

With a lot of emerging economies collapsing at this moment there is no doubt that a shift to a new global currency is going to happen soon.

Going back to The Gateway Pundit article, Sigurdson said this is exactly what people saw in the U.K. several months ago with small businesses paying astronomical bills. He also pointed out that the measures political leaders are taking to stop inflation are causing more inflation, citing the Inflation Reduction Act as an example.

“It is all by design because they want to collapse their American empire so they can flawlessly move into the new one,” Sigurdson said. “And that new one is the Great Reset. It is a Chinese world order. And it’s not China itself that’s running it. It’s the BRICS world economy. It’s a model of China on a global scale.”

Inflation in America is closer to around 20 percent

Sigurdson also mentioned that based on the John Williams Shadowstats, which calculates inflation by the 1980 standards, inflation is around 20 percent and many things are up 400 percent depending on what industry you are dealing with.

With if inflation going up, businesses have to raise their prices, which would lead to fewer people being able to afford things, employees being laid off and people being unable to spend money in the economy.

Small businesses are struggling to stay alive with expenses increasing drastically because of the Biden inflation. The number of small businesses unable to pay their rent is increasing the past few months. “Debt slavery is one of the best ways to control people,” Sigurdson said. He added that the globalists would then come in with a new system of economic governance built around a cashless society to keep people compliant.

Elsewhere in the podcast, Sigurdson said branded President Joe Biden as the face of the demoralization of the public. The same thing is true with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau in Canada and President Emmanuel Macron in France, he added.

Sigurdson also agreed with European Central Bank President Christine Lagarde’s earlier statement that the Eurozone inflation has not peaked yet. He said people are going to see the collapse of the European Union because that is part of the plan.

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