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There is some good news Down Under: South Australia’s extreme Wuhan coronavirus (Covid-19) restrictions as provisioned under the Emergency Management Act are on the verge of being repealed. The bad news is that they are simply shifting in a new direction to become permanent fixture of South Australian life.

7 News ran a segment – you can watch it below – about how the penalties under a new proposed law for Fauci Flu restriction violations are so extreme that the Australian Parliament is expected to explode in conflict over their potential implementation. (Related: Remember when Australia was selectively non-enforcing covid restrictions for LGBTQs, giving them a free pass while everyone else was tyrannized?)

“The new legislation is said to replace the Emergency Management Act responsible for rules like mandatory quarantining and mask wearing,” a 7 News reported explained.

“But the alternative bill could face some pushback in the Upper House. The law society says it lacks detail and would hand the governor extraordinary, permanent powers.”

“Leaked documents have reportedly revealed that the Liberal Party is worried about hefty penalties of up to $75,000 and a two-year jail term planned for any future covid breaches.”

Is this the consequence of Aussies giving up their gun rights?

The evening after the segment ran, the shadow cabinet met to go over the bill “with a fine-toothed comb.” The Liberal Party apparently supports a move out of the emergency declaration, but will not be agreeing to “a tick-and-flick situation” with the new bill and its provisions.

“So there could be some fiery scenes in Parliament when it resumes tomorrow,” the 7 News reported added.

It is important to emphasize that the proposed changes, if enacted, would make covid fascism a permanent affair in South Australia. Since the restrictions would no longer be categorized as an emergency, they would become codified as law and enforced indefinitely.

This is why many now refer to the plandemic as Covid-1984. It was predicted that medical fascism would never go away, despite initial claims that it would only take “two weeks to flatten the curve.”

If you give the government an inch, they take a mile – and then some. And once they have that newfound power, chances are they will not give it up easily or ever.

So far, the powers that be seem to be running into minimal resistance in Australia with these kinds of things, probably because that country gave up its gun rights years ago. Many are warning that Americans must defend the Second Amendment at all costs to avoid the same type of thing happening here.

“Don’t ever, I mean never, let them take our guns,” wrote someone in response to the news.

“This is the kind of garbage that tyrannical government brings on when the population is disarmed and unable to do anything about it,” suggested another.

Numerous others pointed out that governments are magnetized to maximum totalitarianism when they know that the population does not possess the weaponry to fight back against it.

“Oh well, there goes any chance of the return of tourist revenue,” said another about the travel implications of these new proposed restrictions in South Australia.

“I was vacationed in Australia and New Zealand for three weeks six years ago and loved it. Was going to go back in 2023, now I never will go back to those dystopian hellholes.”

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