Constitutional Originalist Attorney David Shestokas who served with and testified in the Pennsylvania election hearings in 2020 says Jack Smith just opened the door that could change everything that the public is being lied to about the 2020 election. Criminal defense affords the defendant the right to call all available witnesses to prove reasonable doubt. David reveals that the indictment by Jack Smith is an indictment as to what P{resident Donald Trump may or may not have believed about the election and a renunciation of the evidence he was shown. Therefore all that evidence is a part of his defense. To say that the President knowingly called the election into question, while knowing it was not interfered with requires the defense to present the evidence that would lead the President Donald Trump to believe the election had been “stolen” and election fraud had been committed.

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Only a return to God through Jesus Christ who is the author of our faith and the Creator through who all our rights are endowed can save this great nation.