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Enrique Tarrio is the former President of the Proud Boys and has been sentenced to 20 years in prison for the J6 protests in Washington DC at the Capitol 010621. I had one brief introduction to him but my friend Maria was protected by him and other Proud Boys at a free speech event that was attacked by Antifa. In fact she related that the Proud Boys saved her life. If you follow this program you know that from the beginning I did not believe the lies about an “insurrection” or the tyrants version of events. I have spoken with people that were there and I received messages on that day refuting the narrative that was being pushed. Friend and acquaintances all said the same thing. We were peaceful and we were praying and the DC police attacked us and ushered us into the Capitol.  A building by the way that belongs to the People. That is why I wrote what I did here and here and why the evidence has continued to validate those concerns. I encourage you to follow American Gulag for the real stories.

Today I am pleased that I will be interviewing the Mother of Enrique Tarrio, Dr Zuny Duarte at 10:30 AM ET/9:30 AM Texas time. Use the link above or go to the site and click the listen page for just the live audio feed.

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